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Custom Courier Solutions, Inc. - Here We Grow  (Nov 19, 2015)

Usually, the mantra is "Here We Grow Again" but in this case CCS’s 2015 initiatives and accumulated accomplishments are the catalyst for their first company press release, which offers a glimpse into milestones and an outlook for 2016. Co-owners Christopher MacKrell and Daniel Ayer are certain about how CCS has arrived, "It's the employees who recognize our investment in them is to enable their success with balancing work and life." "Ensuring a happy and calm work environment leads to a productive, efficient and confident team." Company results validate Chris and Dan's culture model.
2015 highlights include:

Nov - CCS performed their 3,000,000th service; CCS celebrated that customer and the local CCS Hub.
Oct - Purchased 82, 2016 state-of-the-art straight trucks for immediate use across the service footprint.
Sept – Honored as #16 out of 100 of the fastest growing companies in the Rochester NY business region.
Aug – 9th year anniversary was celebrated company-wide with lunch, dinner and desserts for all shifts.

              "As we navigate our busiest Q4 ever, we hope our focus on cost control and our commitment to enabled employees unlocks the intangibles of service excellence, which is our direction for 2016."

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